Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kid Museum

We have a prolific artist in our home and it all MUST BE DISPLAYED! I'm talking seriously hurt feelings. So, we busted out the painter's tape and this was the result on our living room wall.
It was SO messy, but I loved the enthusiasm and didn't want to squash any dreams. So, I decided we needed to come up with a specific 'area' for the art.

Like a good southern gal, I headed to Hobby Lobby!! Fortunately, all open-back frames were 50% off (don't ever buy anything full price there - pro tip!).

I strung yarn across and pulled it tight, securing with staples. Notice how I folded the yarn back over so it doesn't slip out. The tighter you can pull it, the better - as the weight of the pictures will pull it down.
Here are the 3 resulting picture areas: 
He was SOOO proud to hang up the pictures! I found some mini clothespins that were already black - saved me some spray painting! 
Here's a feel-good before and after shot!

Tool List:

-Staple Gun
-Level (or an app)

Supply List:
-Frames (mine were $10-$25 each after sale)

-Black Yarn (40% off coupon)
-Mini Clothespins (less than $2 and on sale)
-Beefy Command strips (over $7 for the two packs)

You could do the same with white frames, white yarn, white paperclips. We stayed with the black frames to match the rest of our picture wall.

I made it very clear that this was our 'art space' and any new pictures need to replace the existing ones, or layer over them. So far it seems to be working...

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