Friday, November 7, 2014

It's a Pumpkin time of Year

It seems everyone goes pumpkin crazy mid-October. I can't complain, because I love pumpkin!

If you haven't seen John Oliver's rant on Pumpkin Spice, you'll get a good laugh:

Every autumn, my first 'to do' is to create pumpkin muffins. They are one of the easiest recipes you'll ever come across and are delicious!

Ready? You don't even need a pencil!! 

1 box cake mix (any kind!)
1 can pumpkin
1 can water
bake per box directions

That's right. 1 box 1 can (emptied of pumpkin and filled with water) and that's it!! No eggs, no oil, nothing else needed.

My favorite is using carrot cake or spice cake, but you can do chocolate or yellow cake too.

The muffins are a bit more dense than normal. If you want more 'fluffy' muffins with a cake consistency, add 5-7 minutes to the cook time. 

If you want to get fancy you can make mini-pumpkin loafs and make a quick royal icing to top them with!