Tuesday, September 24, 2013

At Home CrossFit Gym - Building a Plyometric Box

With baby 2 coming, the hubs cancelled his CrossFit membership and offered to workout in the basement to save time. I decided to make that a bit easier for him - and give him some of the tools he needed. 

I decided to build him a 'jump box' which is one of the basics of CrossFit.

I got wood glue and 5/8" screws:

I also got a 4'x8' 3/4" Plywood sheet and waddled my 8-month pregnant self to the cutting area and gave my best, "Oh, please help little ol' me." I gave them my exact cuts so they didn't have to think about how to fit them on the sheet. He decided he knew how they would 'fit' better, and ended up using 2 sheets - but only charged me for 1!!

I carried them one at a time to the car and then out to the yard where they each got a few coats of spray paint (and a final 2 coats of non-skid clear spray):

I slowly assembled the box with wood glue and a screw every 3-4 inches. The yellow sides fit INSIDE the other sheets:

You can see my screw width isn't precise:

Lots of wood glue! This thing is starting to look like a box:

Taadaa!! Have box - will jump. There is a 30" side, a 24" side and a 20" side.  I also got him a kettlebell, a jump rope and a few medicine balls to throw at the wall.

It will be nice to have him downstairs instead of down the road once the baby is here - it will also allow him to get in some 'quickie' workouts without the guilt of going to the gym.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nursery #2

It was fun to design a nursery for baby girl. With babe #1 we didn't know we were having a little boy. We decided to make the nursery feminine, but not too girly; here is the result:

As soon as I knew we were having a girl, I wanted to base the nursery on a poster I purchased while living in Spain. The stars hanging above the crib are also goodies I brought home from Spain.

The bright yellow was a starting off point, and I came across the fabric for the curtains at Ikea. It was perfect with pops of soft and bright pink with the bold yellow and blue. Look for an upcoming no-sew curtain tutorial. I also used the same wall color as we did in the first nursery (Dorian Grey).

We never purchased a changing table for babe #1, so his dresser is still being used in his room. We purchased another dresser from Ikea, but this one is a bit higher. It's the perfect height to change baby on. We are using the same cloth diaper system (see this post and this post) as we did with #1.

As with all things Ikea, you need a patient and skilled helper (dad did most of the build):

It is nice that we are able to reuse the rocker, crib, rug, and changing pad from the first room... one of the perks of staying gender-neutral with a first baby! We are also using the same Angel Care monitor that is on my must have list.

I didn't hang as many pictures/shelves as I did in our first nursery. I got tired of dusting all of the time, so we are staying minimal. There are a few family pictures in the room, so baby girl has loving faces watching over her.

I'm sure I won't spend as much time in this nursery as I did in the last. The days of sitting quietly for hours on end are a thing of the past - now I will be running around keeping up with a spunky toddler!