Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thank Goodness for Diapers

I'm so very thankful that I'm still able to buy my favorite package to open… our diapers! I'm all done buying diapers for my son, so this box was all girl prints (with the cute new Valentine's Day diapers)!

They've also recently released the cutest sheep-themed overnight diapers… seriously, too cute. I don't get paid to endorse the Honest Company, I'm just a raving fan. If you want to give them a try, click here (gives me a credit if you buy something).

Not buying non-essentials gives me a greater appreciation for the things I do get to buy. I've never been so thankful my kids aren't both potty trained! 

Week 4 and going strong! For the rundown on my year of not buying 'things' see the original post.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Purchase

Ok, so I had to make my first purchase. It fell in the area of 'not having a replacement' but I am still bummed it happened so early!

Let me explain. Many of you know that I work from home full time. I LIVE on my computer talking to customers to train them. I use an internet phone that's directly on my computer with a headset. 

When I first got my existing headset, it was loose in my USB port, but it kind of worked well enough. I made due for a few months, but I think the weight of the plug made the connection even more loose over time. Customers have complained in my last dozen or so meetings about having a hard time hearing me; I would also lose bits and pieces of what they were saying. So, I Amazoned (verb?) a new headset.

My rules only allow buying something new if we do not have something that can replace it (or function similarly). I attempted to use my iPhone headset, but was told there was an odd echo. I tried not using a headset at all, but they said they could hear my typing and could hear themselves talking back. The only other option I have is to use my personal cell phone, but the minutes I would spend on the phone would go well over our phone plan (and if I let work pay for my cell phone bill, they get to call me on it — not happening). So, a new headset it is… the old one is destined for the donate pile as soon as the new one comes in.

Also, in full disclosure, I've had 2 packages arrive since the beginning of the year. One was a pair of boots I bought back on Dec 12th that were back ordered, and another was a blanket I ordered on the 30th. I've also had packages arrive with food (the kids' favorite cereal bar isn't carried locally anymore). So I still get the tangible experience of receiving and opening packages. 

I'm still in the game though!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Nothing gets me more excited than a good sale. I'm not a huge online shopper, but you better believe I always search the internet for a coupon code when making a purchase. I also keep an eye out for in store sale emails and almost always end up buying more than I planned to.

In hopes to avoid temptation, and to not upset for what I'm missing, I've been unsubscribing from all of my marketing emails. I figure once the year is over I can resubscribe to any I truly miss…hopefully none. It comes down to who is driving my 'need' - the company telling me about a sale or my own thought that I require something. Out of sight, out of mind!

My husband would tease me; is it really a good sale if you weren't going to buy it to begin with? Touché husband… touché. 

Side note: I wish I had a new pair of Spanx! I have two pairs that are ANCIENT (like from college) and now I have a body that actually needs them! I guess I should to get to the gym and work on some 'natural Spanx' aka abdominal muscles… haha

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Avoiding Temptation

It's almost been a whole week, and I'm doing well. Staying busy is the trick, but my previous way to stay busy was to shop! It seems appropriate that my first status post is about the store I visited 4 times a week on average - Target. Target is dangerous. I feel like I must break up with Target this year. It's been a good ride, but it's just too tempting! A trip to the store for toilet paper can end at $200… easily. 

It is certainly a shoppers high to stack a sale with a coupon with Cartwheel with Red Card Debit savings, and then pharmacy rewards. I mean, the WHOLE STORE IS 5% OFF!! That was my rationalization for buying groceries there, but a grocery trip would inevitably end up with non-grocery items in the cart. I kept meaning to price compare their groceries to a 'normal' grocery store, but in the end I never got around to it because it was so doggone convenient to buy cheese and then wander down to get a new workout top and realize I desperately needed another hand towel (riiiiight). 

They print your annual Red Card savings at the bottom of the receipt, and it's equally exciting and depressing. It's not only the money that's been nickel and dimed and couponed away, it's that all that STUFF now lives in our house! We have three colanders, exploding kids' dresser drawers, enough C9 workout gear for a whole team of athletes, etc. 

Since we still need to eat, I'm trying out the new HyVee in town and taking it a step further with meal delivery. I am definitely an impulse shopper, even with grocery shopping. My long term goal is to attempt meal planning, but for now having a basic list of groceries show up on my doorstep is a start.

I went online and browsed through an extensive list of items, filled my cart just over $100 (to avoid the $4.95 fee), and scheduled delivery. The next morning there was a knock at my door and a nice man brought in five grocery bags to my kitchen counter:

One thing I immediately realized is that I didn't have any 'goodies.' I didn't realize how much I must impulse grocery shop… snacks, sales, whatever looks good in the moment. 

Another thing I noticed is I didn't read all of the descriptions online properly and got a lot more eggs than I bargained for… omelets anyone? Everything else was 100% on point, and even came in $4 cheaper than the online order! They offered an option to allow substitutes, but I didn't select it.

If I order before 10am, they offer same day delivery; so until my meal planning is on point, I can still be somewhat indecisive with my dinner ideas. Speaking of dinner ideas; what are your favorite go to dinner ideas? Mine are usually a roast/loin in the crock pot or ground turkey/bison in a skillet meal of some sort!

Things I thought about buying this week: new Turbie Twists (hair towels).