Thursday, October 23, 2014

Adding Bling to the Beast

It arrived!! I've been waiting for my iPhone 6+ for almost a month now. With all of the pictures I keep on my phone, I ordered the 64gb version, and neither the Apple Store nor Best Buy carried them in stock.

I knew my very first priority was to get a case. Unfortunately, the options are limited. There was this super cute striped Kate Spade version, but I needed something more rugged and toddler-proof.

So, $40 later I ended up with this boring fella: 

It has giant bumpers for drop protection, and a hard exterior shell to avoid 'bend-gate'!

I had planned to just live with it until Lifeproof came out with their waterproof case… but then I got an email… 40% off entire purchase at Michaels.

As I looked at the email on my boring phone… an idea hit me: bling this beast out!!

So, off to Michaels to buy a sheet of rhinestones ($3.99 - but 40% off!):

I decided on a whole sheet for two reasons: 1) easier to apply and 2) so the individual stones wouldn't fall off (and be eaten by small children)

I lined the sheet up to the phone so I would know where to make my cuts. This is what I ended up with:

To prep the phone surface, I wiped it down with nail polish remover and let it dry for a few seconds.

I peeled the back off the rhinestones, stuck it to the phone, and voila: 

For $2.50 I can now find my phone in my purse!!! I could have gone crazy and made designs, or cut out my initial in the center, but this was just a quick fix to get me going.

It reminds me when I painted my flip phone with shiny nail polish when I was in the 9th grade… I'm SO much more grown up now ;)