Wednesday, March 15, 2017

EGG-cellent Pressure Cooker Eggs!

I love eating eggs, but the hassle of boiling and peeling them is so annoying! No, it's not the most complicated task, but my peeled eggs often look like Freddy Kreuger peeled them. I found myself buying bags of pre-boiled/peeled eggs, and cringe at how expensive they were when compared to a carton of eggs.

Well, like with many other kitchen tasks, the Instant Pot is a game changer! Even Alton Brown (my culinary hero) says steamed eggs are the best.

There are many, many, many egg recipes for the Instant Pot. This is what worked for me and the texture we like to eat.

I added 1 cup of water to my Instant Pot. Then, I put a metal steamer down in the pot.

 I loaded it up with 2 dozen eggs. Note the manual cook time of 4 minutes.

Now, this is where the main 'boiled' egg recipes differ. You may find some recipes that say to cook your eggs for 12-16 minutes - that's because they do a quick release and straight into an ice bath. I continued to cook them in a natural pressure release. I did 5 minutes, but honestly - 4 would have been better.

Some of my eggs cracked. There are theories that eggs touching the side will crack (my cracked ones go counter to that theory), and others that you should let your eggs get to room-temp before cooking. Not the end of the world.

Three on the bottom were awesome explosions! Only one yolk ruptured, the others were just odd oblong shapes. All the eggs went into a bowl with lots of ice to instantly stop them from cooking.

I was looking for the right-sized tupperware to store them in but realized I had the perfect plastic carton!! I washed it out with soap/water first and dried it before loading up the boiled eggs. See the lovely 'odd' eggs in the back left? They still taste the same!!

So, in Instant Pot terms, I do 'boiled' eggs for 4/4/5: 4 minutes pressure, 4 minutes natural pressure release (NPR), and 5 minutes in an icy, icy, icy bath.

With Easter coming up, who's making deviled eggs?!

I have egg poaching pods... I'm thrilled to try that next!!

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